Author: Robert Marianski, Alec Mitchell, Chris Abraham, Rob Miller, Ethan Jucovy


        0.8.0 (2011-05-16)

 * Port from opencore's override of the csv exporter: optionally include
   allowed senders in export; and always include a final item in each row
   of the CSV, describing the user's subscription-status.

 * Add export_messages_to_tempfile method on export utility
   which writes the messages' mbox to a tempfile and returns
   the (tmpfd, tmpfilename) -- this is better than writing
   to memory for lists with large archives.  (Code written
   by slinkp in opencore -- i'm moving it to listen)

 * Make "confirm-member" behavior consistent with "subscribe" behavior:
   on a non-member-moderated list, both actions should allow the 
   confirmation email to come from a different address than the original 
   message, provided the subject is left intact (including both the pin 
   and the original sender)

 * Handle non-ASCII characters in message subject

 * Fix moderation queue when non-ASCII emails are queued 

Changelogs weren't kept prior to this release.


Listen is a mailing list management application that integrates into the Plone
Content Management System.  It is based on the venerable MailBoxer Zope
Product by Maik Jablonski, and offers most of the features of that product.
Key features include:

 * Easily create mailing lists through the Plone interface.

 * Lists may be moderated or unmoderated, open to all or restricted to
   subscribers only.

 * Optional archiving of mail with or without attachments.

 * Fully threaded archive display, including a forum-like view.

 * Portal members and visitors can easily subscribe/unsubscribe themselves
   through the Plone interface.

 * Each list maintains its own catalog featuring a full text index of messages.

 * Members can make responses with quotation to archived messages through the
   Plone interface.

 * Automatic masking of member email addresses with links to author pages.

 * Provides a registry of lists on a Zope instance allowing lists to be added
   without any additional SMTP server configuration.

 * Performs well due to use of simple Zope types and z3/Five techniques.
   Capable of higher mail volume that MailBoxer itself, and much greater
   volume than Archetypes-based mailing list systems.

This product makes heavy use of Zope3 features within Plone via Five; it uses
views, adapters, Zope3 schemas (add and edit views), local utilities,
factories, and events.  It is not an ideally componentized application because
of its dependence on MailBoxer, which is used as the base class for the
primary content type, and provides more logic/functionality than an
ideal content class would.  Hopefully, those parts which make heavy use of
Five technologies can serve as a helpful example for those intending to use
Five in their own products.


Plone 2.1+ (and all that entails)
Zope 2.8.4+
Five 1.4
MailBoxer (svn version from
ManagableIndex 1.1
(also OFolder
plone.mail (

Highly Recommended

MaildropHost 1.13+ (

Any site that expects a reasonable amount of mail traffic (incoming and
especially outgoing) needs to use this.  It well not send duplicate mails
when a conflict error forces a retry, and it increases potential incoming
mail volume tremendously by not blocking on sending mail.

Installation and setup

Place this product folder in your Zope instance's Products folder and restart
Zope.  Go to the portal_quickinstaller in the ZMI and install the product. Now
you may create mailing lists by using the add menu in any container in Plone,
or (preferably) using the add view for the Mailing List class which can be
accessed with a url of the following form:

Hopefully, Five add forms will be integrated into the Plone ui in the near