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------------ offers default content types for Plone based on Dexterity. This package replaces ``Products.ATContenttypes`` and will provide the default-types in Plone 5.

It contains the following types:

* Folder
* Document
* News item
* File
* Image
* Link
* Event (Using behaviors from
* Collection (this already replaces which is no longer needed then)

The main difference from a users perspective is that these types are extendable through-the-web. This means you can add or remove fields and behaviors using the control-panel "Dexterity Content Types" (``/@@dexterity-types``).

The aim is to mimick the default-types as closely as possible. has been merged into the Plone 5.0 branch and will be shipped with the next Plone release:

**Warning: Using on a site with existing content requires migrating the sites content. Please see the chapter "Migration". It can be used on a new site without problems.**


Version 1.1b1 is tested with Plone 4.3.x. The versions 1.1.x will stay compatible with Plone 4.3.x.

For support of Plone 4.1 and 4.2 please use version 1.0.x. Please note that they do not provide the full functionality.

The future versions 1.2.x will be compatible with Plone 5 only and add support for


Add this line in the eggs section of your ``buildout.cfg``

.. code:: ini

    eggs =

If you have a Plone site with mixed Archetypes and Dexterity content use the extra requirement ``atrefs``.

.. code:: ini

    eggs =
        ... [atrefs]

This will also install the package ` <>`_ that allows you to reference dexterity-based content from archetypes-based content. You will have to enable the behavior ```` for all types that need to be referenced by Archetypes-content.

What happens to existing content?

If you install in a existing site all Archetypes-based content of the default types still exists and can be viewed but can't be edited. On installation removes the type-definitions for the old default-types like this:

.. code:: xml

    <object name="Document" remove="True" />

They are then replaced by new Definitions:

.. code:: xml

    <object meta_type="Dexterity FTI" name="Document" />

To make the existing content editable again you need to migrate it to Dexterity (please see the section on migration) or uninstall (see the section on uninstalling).

Archetypes-based content provided by add-ons (e.g. Products.PloneFormGen) will still work since only the default-types are replaced.

If you install on a fresh site (i.e. when no content has been edited or added) the usual default-content (Events, News, Members...) will be created as dexterity-content.


To remove and return full functionality to old content and restore the AT-based default-types you have to install the import step "Types Tool" of the current base profile. Follow the following steps:

* in the ZMI navigate to portal_setup and the tab "import"
* in "Select Profile or Snapshot" leave "Current base profile (<N