Author: Stefan Eletzhofer, Ramon Bartl



An XML import/export add-on for Plone_.

.. _Plone:


**collective.plone.gsxml** is a egg, so installation is easy
if you use buildout.  You just need to add **collective.plone.gsxml**
to your plone part's *eggs* AND *zcml* option.

A example buildout is available here:

This package needs lxml_, see the buildout example.

.. _lxml:


After installation, you'll get two new items in Plone's **action**
menu, one for *import*, and one for *export*.  For additional stuff,
please see the detailled documentation below.


- Exports virtually all Archetypes-based documents
- exports and keeps references
- exports binary data as separate file
- works with ZOPE blobs
- sends custom events which you can subscribe to prior and after
- uses the ZCA to fetch a serializer for a content type -- the default
  adapter uses the Plone Marshaller


This package relies pretty much on the **Marshall** product for plone
(which is shipped with Plone).  This product, is, while offering great
functionality, a bit convoluted and does not allow to hook in using
the ZCA.

Also, this package tries to export **references**, and this is
currently done using pickles, which is not safe.  References should be
exported by using adapters defined by those who actually use the
references and know how to export them (it's impossible to do this in
a generic way IMHO).


- exports references using pickles
- messes with the internals of the Marshal product due to lack of
- uses pickles, this is not secure
- manifest XML is not yet parsed


- convoluted code. The code of this package needs cleanup. This will
  be done in due course.


- This package out-of-the-box export AT based content only, but you
  can provide your own serializer as adapter
- This package does NOT export dynamically marked interfaces
- This package does NOT export annotations on content


You need the branch version of Products.Marshall to handle the DataGridFields


change line 44 of Products.eXtremeManagement.content.PoiTask to::

   def getAssignees(self):
        managers = set()
            for issue in self.getRefs('task_issues'):
        return sorted(list(managers))

because the references to the POI issues are fixed on the end of import and are
*not* available when the object is recreated

 vim: set ft=rst ts=4 sw=4 expandtab tw=78 :

Change history


0.4.7 (2008-12-19)

- Fixed reference handling after import [ramonski]

0.4.6 (2008-12-16)

- Fixed tests and moved them into the source package. [seletz]

- Added fix for ``PloneArticle``.
  Thanks to Freshmilk Entertainment GmbH for sponsoring this.

- Added a events notified for ``ObjectWillBeExportedEvent``, ``ObjectExportedEvent``,
  ``ObjectWillBeImportedEvent`` and ``ObjectImportedEvent``.

- Added ``lxml`` and ``libxml2-python`` to the buildout.  Added ZOPE-enabled
  ipython to the buildout. [seletz]

- Changes package layout to have the sources under ``src`` -- this
  allows to have the buildout include development packages during
  development [seletz]

- Fix bug wrt. handling of blob fields.  These are now treated like the file
  fields. [seletz]

- Added ```` to buildout to test for #10 [seletz]

- Switched buildout to plone 3.2a1 [seletz]

0.4.5 (2008-06-23)

- More importview work. [seletz]

- Added missing file. [seletz]

- Fix typo [seletz]

Detailed Documentation

Exporting content

To test exporting som