Author: Arndt Droullier, Nive GmbH


        Welcome to Nive cms!
Nive is professional out the box content management system for mobile and desktop websites based on 
python and the webframework pyramid. 
Please refer to the website for detailed information.

This version is a beta release. The application is stable and complete. The public API as documented 
on the website is stable will not change. 

The alpha series was released under the name 'poolyx'.

Source code
The source code is hosted on github:



Support, Feedback, Community

The form module nive.components.reform
The reform package is a merge of deform and colander and includes several changes 
to make form handling easier. Please see nive.components.reform.README.txt for details.

Third party modules 
Some included modules have their own license:

- tinyMCE (nive.components.reform.static.tinymce)
- codemirror (nive.components.reform.static.codemirror)
- bootstrap (
- jquery / jquery-ui / jquery.form
- iconset (nive.cms.cmsview.static.images) by Mark James 

- new sessionuser with limited functionality for caching
- added serialize and deserialize callback option
- user identity field added
- enabled non-class functions as event callbacks
- nive.utils.dataPool2.connections refactored
- added support to view.Assets() for url links e.g.
- bugfixes and improvements

- maintenance and bugfixes
- added IFileStorage interface for file classes used to read and store file data
- renamed cms.pages.skipColumn parameter to addColumnContents
- extended definitions.ViewModuleConf with renderer attribute as default for views
- HTMLForm action button postfix changed to class var actionPostfix
- nive.container: added afterAdd event, renamed beforeCreate -> beforeAdd

- bugfixes: sort and ajax response
- improved column integration
- css and js assets configureable design.configuration.assets
- cms editor widgets css updates
- added sort and cut, copy, paste tests

- editor ui improvements
- welcome message
- scaffolds improved
- mysql tests improved
- bugfixes

- scaffold base64 password bugfix
- converted cmsview javascript to jquery plugin
- added cmseditor.js, removed pe.js and overlay.js
- added cmseditor.css, removed pe.css
- added Undo() on sql execute exceptions

- bugfixes and smaller updates
- serialization and deserialization of lists to json
- added forms.JsonSequenceForm
- added controlset option for list form fields

The first beta release. Finally, all major features are included in this release. 

- Boostrap css framework used for the default design
- Responsive selectors added to box forms and html rendering
- Fulltext search
- Ctrl-key disables links in edit mode
- Updated scaffold for sqlite and mysql
- many fixed issues and cleanup
- code moved to github repository