Author: Kapil Thangavel


        Proxy Index

Proxy Index, is a plugin catalog index. it uses a tales expression to
retrieve a value to index from an object.  the value retrieved can
then be indexed by any available plugin index.
Primary Use Case

For indexing attributes of subobjects when indexing a container, like
a composite elements of a compound document, or object annotations.

From the ZCatalog indexes tab, add a index of type proxy index.

On the add form the following fields are defined:

   pick any valid id you like

Delegated type 
   the type of index you'd like to use for the value

Tales expression 
   a tales expression evaluated for the value to index.
   The default context includes ``object`` (the object being indexed)
   and the following standard tales objects:

   - nothing	
   - request
   - modules

Key Value Pairs 
    are input forms for passing values to the index constructor, if
    any are needed. (as with zctextindex for example).  for most index
    types this can be left blank

    As an example here's how to fill out a form for ZCTextIndex::

       key value pair: lexicon_id  my_lexicon
       key value pair: index_type  Cosine Measure
       key value pair: doc_attr    proxy_value

    The last key value pair could use a little explanation.
    internally the proxy index stores the index as an index
    named ``proxy_value``, the behavior for most indexes is
    to index an attribute name thats equivalent to the index's
    id. proxy index, constructs a wrapper object for the indexing
    setting the value of the tales expression equal to that
    of the index name. in this case, ZCTextIndex must be
    treated slightly differently as it can index an arbitrary
    attribute independent of its name, for most other index types
    this is not needed. 


1.2.3 (2008/09/30)

* Update README and CHANGES to release that products as an egg.


* In Zope 2.11, argument cid to apply_index have been removed. 

* Fixed deprecation warning in Zope 2.10,

* Tests now use (and require) ZopeTestCase instead of depending on CMF.


Bugs Fixed:

* Zope 2.7 is supported now.

* Fixed compatibility problem with python2.3: ``ProxyIndex.RecordStyle``
  did not raise an AttributeError but a KeyError in ``__getattr__``,
  preventing class attribute lookup with python2.3.


Bugs Fixed:

* items method used for ``sort_on`` added.

Features added:

* Release documentation updates, making it fit the Infrae scheme.

* Initial public release of ProxyIndex.