Author: RedTurtle Technology


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Add to Plone a way to manage site **portal tabs** using the Plone interface and hiding common
syntax difficulties you can find in ZMI.

When you need this

You need this product when you want to give to your non-technical users the ability to
manage the *portal tabs* section of your Plone site.

Going deeply:

* you don't want (or you can't) that your power user will need to go to ZMI
  (for example, the Plone 4.1 "*Site Administrator*" role can't)
* you still want to make them able to manage portal tabs
* your users don't know nothing about TAL and python, and commonly want only to add static
  links to the site
* your additional tabs don't need advanced features like condition for being seen, or permissions
  (for this, you can still go to ZMI)

When you don't need this

If you only need to port into Plone interface the "*portal_action*" tool customizationthis is not your
product. Try to check `quintagroup.plonetabs`__ instead.


How to use

First note

This product only manage portal tabs that are not automatically generated from Plone. For this
reason, a warning message is displayed if the "*Automatically generate tabs*" option is selected
in the "*Navigation settings*" panel.

Handling tabs

From the "*Site Setup*" panel, go to the new "*Manage portal tabs*" link you'll find after the
product installation.

.. image::
   :alt: View of the Site Setup panel

The "*Portal Tabs settings*" view is composed by two section; the first one for make changes to
existing tabs (and also order and delete them), and the second for adding new tabs.

.. figure::
   :alt: Manage portal tabs panel view

Newly created tab only need two kind of information: the name of the tab to be displayed (title)
and the URL. When creating a tab you can also handle the id of the tab, or this will be
automatically generated.

What I can write inside an URL section?

The product try to hide some of the too-technical feature you have available in the ZMI
portal_actions tool management, however all features are still there.

* to create an absolute link to something, just type the link (e.g: "")
* when you need to create links to URL inside the site, just type "``/folder/foo``"
  (note that this path *can* be a content path, but no check are done at all)
* TAL espression are still available, but you need to start them with a "``tal:``"
* Python expression are still available, but you need to start them with a "``python:``"
* inside an URL, you can still use TALES expressions in the normal form "``${foo1/foo2/...}``"

For security reason, usage on "``python:``", "``tal:``" and in-string TALES with "``$``" are protected
by another permissions "*collective.portaltabs: Use advanced expressions*", given only to *Manager* role.

Manage additional actions categories

You can use collective.portaltabs to handle also other CMF action categorie than "*portal_tabs*".
To do this you need to configure what other categories can be handled accessing the
"*@@manage-portaltabs-categories*" settings page.

.. figure::
   :alt: Categories to be handled

All entries must match a CMF action category that exists.
Going back to the "*Portal Tabs settings*" make possible to handle also those new actions

.. figure::