Author: Mathieu Pasquet, Jean-Philippe Camguilhem



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CGWB is a web interface to ``paster``, its goal is to generate a webinterface to selection options aggregated from a set of templates.

Imagine that you have 2 templates, the one that can deploy an application, and the other which generates the application in itself.

Declaring the two templates as a ``cgwb set`` will make a webinterface for those 2 templates. Answering correctly to the questions will produce a tarball that you ll be able download and unpack to have your base installation setup.

To make the templates available, you must define the set using ZCML.

As this server was developped as a quick and efficient interface to paster, *it is not safe to open it to wide internet.*
For security reason, just launch/use when you need it.

Next versions will include some sessions/roles and improved security, it may be possible at this stage to leave it open.

See in action `here <>`_



* `Planet Makina Corpus <>`_
* `Contact us <>`_

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    - kiorky <>
    - Jean-Philippe Camguilhem <>


Installing cgwb in a minitage
You are not obliged to run with `minitage`_ even if it is the recommended mode for running at least the plones template.

Assuming that your minitage lives in ~/minitage, issue the following::

    export MT=~/minitage

Install or udpate minitage in your dedicated virtualenv if any
Just do that (you must refer to `minitage installation`_ for prerequisites)

Install virtualenv

    virtualenv --no-site-packages --distribute $MT

Update minitage packages

    source $MT/bin/activate
    easy_install -U minitage.core
    easy_install -U minitage.paste
    minimerge -s

Install cgwb
Download & install via the minibuild

    source $MT/bin/activate
    git clone $MT/minilays/cgwb
    minimerge -v cgwb

Cgwb lives in ``$MT/bfg/cgwb``.

Generating & deploying your project using minitage
Launching the cgwb server
Launch via ``bin/cgwb``.
This binary includes some options to let you override the default port (--port) and listenning address (--host)
To see all the available options, just use::

    bin/cgwb --help

If you use minitage, mandatory to use the minitage.instances.env profile::

    $MT/bin/easy_install -U minitage.paste
    $MT/bin/paster create -t minitage.instances.env cgwb

Each time you use cgwb, you use the .ENV::

    source $MT/bfg/cgwb/sys/share/minitage/minitage.env

Use it
Launch it::

    cd $INS
    ./bin/cgwb --port=6253

- At the moment, cgwb do not have some session mecanism, so the only way to replay a generation is to use the selenium firefox plugin.
- If you want to store your choices to redo an updated tarball later, just install the SeleniumIDE firefox plugin and use it to record your session.
- Maybe, activate selenium and

    - Go to the `cgwb`_
    - Choose `Generic Portal Plone3`.

Filling the settings, some notes
- project name is mandatory and must be in the form in `project` or `subproject`.
- You can choose in the `Plone Products to auto checkout in development mode` the products from the community from which we should check out & use in development mode

- It would be good unless you have some minitage experience t