Author: Simon Pamies



    ATSchemaEditorNG is a framework to provide flexible
    schema editing for AT content-types.                               


    (for 2.5.x use version 0.5.x)


    See docs/INSTALL.txt.

    Short (buildout): 
    Add ``Products.ATSchemaEditorNG`` to eggs= section and
    in the context of your instance to zcml= section. Goto
    portal_quickinstaller and install ATSE. If you want to have
    demo types go to and enable them.

Current Maintainer:

    Simon Pamies (spamsch)
    EMail: s.pamies at banality dot  de

Original Author:

    Andreas Jung, ZOPYX Ltd. & Co. KG
    D-72070 Tuebingen, Germany


    ATSchemaEditorNG is (C) by Andreas Jung, Simon Pamies, Rob Miller, and
    contributors, and published as open-source under the GNU Lesser
    General Public License V 2.1 (see LICENSE.txt).  If this license
    does not meet your requirements, contact the maintainers for
    releasing ATSchemaEditorNG under a suitable license.


    NOTICE: Please notice that since 0.4 objects that get created
    no longer automatically sync schema with editor schema. If you have
    changes in your editor and then create a new object this object
    will not get changes unless you call self.updateSchemaFromEditor() in
    manage_afterAdd. Please make sure the call is the first one *before*
    you call things like BaseContent.manage_afterAdd

    Example for initializing content object based on ParentManagedSchema or such:

    def manage_afterAdd(self, item, container):
        BaseContent.manage_afterAdd(self, item, container)

    Look at the examples directory and make sure you read
    docstrings in Also read the
    howto (doc/HOWTO.txt).


    Thanks to gocept for sponsoring some work in 0.4.5

    Thanks to Aaron VanDerlip for useful
    hints about portal_factory failures in 0.4.1

    Many thanks to coreblox (
    for sponsoring all work on 0.4.0

    Whit Morriss: examples and tests

    Rob Miller (rafrombrc): Maintainership until 0.4 - much work
    for 0.3.x line.

    Simon Pamies: fixes, code cleanup, schema update mechanism
                   revisited (and most of the stuff in V 0.2 and 0.4)

    Sasha Vincic: storage registry implementation

0.6 (unreleased)
    - Eggified completely

    - REST fixes

    - Various Plone 3 fixes

0.5.1 (24.03.2010)

    - change atse_updateManagedSchema so it's waking up only objects
      that need to be updated [amleczko]

0.5.0 (16.03.2010)

    - Added Select to the StringField selection

    - Fixed #13: Error during tool access via ZMI.

    - Get rid of CMFCorePermissions

    - Added new atse_addOrReplaceField method.

    - Added more configuration options for text fields and for
      storage selection. Look at

0.4.7 (01.10.2007)

    - Added schema template editor - allows defining re-usable schemata. 

0.4.6 (never released)

    - Fixed #12: isEmpty always shown als activated validator.

    - Fixed #11: ReferenceBrowserWidget was not available. Thanks to
      Alexander Pilz for finding this.

    - supplied missing import: this fixes #9 Broken uninstall method

0.4.6rc1 (17.08.2007)

    - Started writing some simple howto (doc/HOWTO.txt)

    - Added new feature flag HAS_MANAGEMENT_UI_FUNCTIONALITY that
      can be used to control if management functions are displayed.

    - UI p0rn (much more to come)

    - Fixed bug where a security check did not success for TTW added
      schemas. Thanks to Hedley Roos.

    - Added a patch for Products.validation.RangeValidator to relax the
      max value check (ins