Author: Robin Harms Oredsson, Martin Lundwall


betahaus.memberprofile is a package to create member profiles for Plone.
It stores members data in the portal_memberdata tool and/or in a regular content object.

Change history

0.2rc1 (2011-03-30)

* Validation to make sure the entered text in the email field is an email address
  and that the address is unique. [robinharms]
* Added change password as an action. Most users won't find it otherwise. [robinharms]

0.2rc (2011-03-24)

* setDefaultRoles for the add permission, otherwise the permission won't exist to
  some of the old CMF stuff. [robinharms]
* Tests not layer based [robinharms]

0.2b (2011-03-03)
* Updated tests for Plone 4 compatibility [robinharms]
* Using locales instead of i18n. The later had problems with the i18n message factory [robinharms]
* Dropping skin layer creation of MemberProfiles to cause less
  incompatibility-problems with other packages [robinharms]
* Dropped support for complete profile methods by default. May be readded later. [robinharms]
* No longer automatic installation of Kupu properties in Plone 3. See KNOWN_ISSUES.txt [robinharms]

0.1b6/7 (2010-10-26)

* Added a fullname sync. [mlundwall]
* Added a title fallback to username if no fullname exists. [mlundwall]
* Added zcml auto include. [mlundwall]
* Don't run kupu tests if kupu doesn't exist. (TinyMCE default on P4) [robinharms]
* Add same config to TinyMCE as Kupu would have had. (Plone4 Support) [robinharms]

0.1b5 (2010-01-29)

* Added configuration for whether or not to enforce complete profiles. [mlundwall]

0.1b4 (2010-01-26)

* Memberprofile creation uses contenttype setting in portal_membersip. [mlundwall]
* script now redirects correctly. [mlundwall] 
* Archetypes initialized event thrown on memberarea creation. [mlundwall]
* Made MemberProfiles registered as collection for Kupu. [mlundwall]
* Check for existence of a memfolder was wrong. [mlundwall]

0.1b3 (2009-12-01)

* Fixed i18n problems, Swedish showed up wrong. [mlundwall]

0.1b2 - (2009-11-10)

* The manifest file excluded the GS xml. Fixed [robinharms]

0.1b1 - (2009-11-09)

* Added tool for creating member areas which is called by the overriden, login_next.cpy in skins.
  Subscribers don't work for this case, and it wasn't a good idea to let Plone run createMemberArea script. [robinharms]
* Firstname and Lastname are now installed as default. [robinharms]
* Added controlpanel for choosing firstname / lastname or userid as title. [robinharms]
* Removed overrides.zcml - Blocking the Plone dashboard should be optional, or a skin [robinharms]
* getText is no longer an accessor for description changed. Now description is more of a tagline, and text field can be biography or similar. [robinharms]
* Managed to get rid of all subscribers. Everything works without them now. [robinharms]
* Controlpanel for membership ids, so it's possible to enable only lowercase ids. (Uses portal_registration tool) [robinharms]

0.1b - (2009-10-30)

* Initial beta release [robinharms]


* Robin Harms Oredsson (author)
* Martin Lundwall (author)
* Raphael Ritz (Lots of good ideas + archetypes.memberdatastorage)
Known Issues

* Installation as linkable type in kupu library tool stopped working in 3.3.5.
  Since Kupu will disappear and support for Plone 3 will be dropped sooner or later
  I'm not fixing this. It's possible to add the config manually anyway.
  It doesn't affect Plone 4 at all unless you're using Kupu.