Author: Takaaki AOKI


Marlowe User Interface (MUI)

version 0.1.0

Apr 8, 2014

Takaaki AOKI (

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About Malouwe User Interface

Marlowe User Interface (MUI) is support program for marlowe (a binary collision simulator,
to desgin input data.

Install & Run

For windows, two options are avaliable to setup this program.
The second option is also available for unix or mac user.

Option 1: Use standalone package (for Windows)

1. Download Standalone package from

  - marlowe_ui-(version)-win32.msi: windows 32bit 
  - marlowe_ui-(version)-amd64.msi: windows 64bit
  and run it. Softwares are expanded at appropriate place.

2. Run

  Find and Double-click mui.exe  

Option 2: Install as python script and package

The second option is that install marlowe_ui programs as package of python library


MUI version >= 0.1.0 is developed to run on python 3.3.5 (or above). Setup python core program from

Install from source code

Package sources is available at PyPI (
If you have already installed easy_install or pip, run


    easy_install marlowe_ui

  , or


    pip install marlowe_ui

otherwise, download and expand marlowe_ui-(version).zip, and 


    python install


- type in command prompt
- find using explore (i.e. C:\\Python33\\Script\\ and click it.

Usage and current limitation

Fill parameters as you like and push [Save] button.

[Save (& run)]

Save widget contents for both marlowe input data (usually having .dat extension) file and .json format.
The .json file can be loaded by [load .json] button.

[Load .json]

Currently, cannot load marlowe data format yet, but allows to load data file in JSON format created by above [Save (& run)] command.


[validate] button tests widget contents (if a content of widget is not valid the widget turns red)
This validation routine also runs before [Save (& run)] action.

.. note::

  Validation does not run automatically. The user should push
  [Validate] button explicitly to confirm the modification on GUI 
  is correct or not.

Other Buttons

[Set Example] [Dump to Console] [Clear] buttons still remains for debugging.

Access to source code for developers

Source code is maintaned at

Code is managed using mercurial ( So you can access the latest source code set by ...

.. code-block:: console

  hg clone

More Information

Detail information especially for developers are found in marlowe_ui/doc/*

Bugs, issues, discussion for developers

The author is pleased to here bug & issue reports and suggest & request for the software.