Author: Stefan H. Holek



This product makes Dieter Maurer's DocFinder_ available from a ZMI management
tab. Looking inside an object becomes as easy as clicking its "Doc" tab!

DocFinderTab allows you to view an object's:

- Class (and base class) names and docstrings.

- Attribute names, roles, arguments, and docstrings.

DocFinderTab can be of great help when discovering object APIs and debugging
security problems.

.. _DocFinder:

Egg Installation

Either use easy_install or add Products.DocFinderTab to the eggs section of
your buildout.cfg and re-run buildout.

Traditional Product Installation

Copy or symlink the DocFinderTab subdirectory of this package into your
Products directory.

Final Steps

Restart Zope. This will add a "Doc" tab to every object's managment
screens (ZMI). Now click the "Doc" tab and start exploring.

See the online help for a detailed explanation of what you can
do with DocFinderTab, or read help/README.stx directly.


1.0.5 - 2011-07-27

- Upgrade imports, remove warnings in Zope 2.13.

- Do not show docstrings of datetime, date, time, and timedelta attributes.

1.0.4 - 2009-05-26

- CHANGES.txt didn't make it into the long desc (and onto this page).

1.0.3 - 2009-05-25

- Reformat README.txt and CHANGES.txt to use restructured text.

- Repackage as a Python source egg.


- Print a pretty None.


- Do not show docstrings of DateTime attributes.


- Update to DocFinder 1.0.3.

- Require at least Python 2.3.

- Use logging instead of zLOG.

- Handle Acquisition.Acquired.

- Handle property, staticmethod, and classmethod.


- Minor tweaks to the monkey patch and showDocumentation.dtml.

- Added 'bool' and 'complex' to simple types mapping.

- Don't display zope.interface internal attributes.


- Format roles more nicely, remove duplicates and faux roles, sort.

- You can get the raw representation back by setting FORMAT_ROLES=0


- Renamed product to DocFinderTab.

- Do not display docstrings but names of simple types in Python 2.3.


- Cookies did not work for everybody, they do now.


- Make full use of DocFinder 0.4's filtering capabilities. Results may
  now be filtered by regular expression and level of detail.

- Even nicer stylesheets for structured text.

- Again change the monkey patch and apply it to Item only.


- Patch ObjectManager instead of Application. Thanks to Gilles Lenfant.


- Go even further and patch Bindings directly.

- Fix file permissions issue.


- Boldly patch the Script base class.


- Added 'View documentation' permission.


- Monkey patch wrapper around Dieter Maurer's DocFinder_ product.
  Adds a ZMI "Doc" tab to all Zope objects.

.. _DocFinder: