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BrickPython provides an easy Python programming environment for the `BrickPi <>`_,
making Lego NXT motors behave as servo motors.
The framework provides coroutines to give you always-responsive programs, and objects to help you partition programs.

* Free software: MIT license
* Documentation:
* Source code:


* Implementation of PID algorithm to make an NXT motor into a servo-motor
* Simple objects representing Motor and different types of Sensor
* Implementation of Python coroutines and scheduler for Python 2.7
* Uses from BrickPi_python
* Implementation of an NXT motor constant speed algorithm
* Full unit test suite
* Runs on other Linux environments (Mac etc) for unit tests and development.

Changes in v0.4

* Updated PID algorithm so it's independent of the work cycle time.
  BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY WARNING: One parameter to the constructor of
  Motor.PIDSetting has changed.

* Added specialized sensor classes: UltrasonicSensor, TouchSensor, LightSensor

* Added useful script for cross-platform testing.