Author: Alex Clark



A hub for information about the service options and deployments
for Plone, with content types for:

* Case studies
* Service providers
* Sites-that-use-Plone
* Buzz (ie, public-focused mentions of Plone in media, etc.)
* Potentially others, such as user groups and training announcements


* Plone 4+
* ArchAddOn,


If you are using this product to develop, you'll also want to download the theme

* PloneNetTheme,


Currently supports the following translations:

* Spanish. 


Code was originally designed and implemented for the successful, but now defunct was folded back in to at the Cioppino Sprint in early 2011::

    This software is designed for the future As such, while
    others are welcome to them, they are not neccessarily intended for
    public consumption.  We welcome bug fixes, but please refrain from
    adding new features without talking with the developers first.

    Developed by Damien Baty <>, Joel Burton
    <>, Geir Baekholt <>,
    and Paul Everitt <>.

    Contributions by Roberto Allende <>, Leonardo Caballero

    ------ currently mixes community and commercial announcements.
    During the last year the policy has gotten strict about not doing
    commercial postings.  However, we need a place for providing business
    information to decision-makers.

    This is the vision for "All the business information,
    attractive and organized, for decision-makers."  We want to collect
    case studies, solution providers, mentions in the press, training
    announcements, books and articles, etc.  And, we want to present this
    information in a well-organized fashion.  Finally, we want a strong
    editorial process to ensure we don't have 500 companies claiming to be
    the galaxy's leading Plone company. :^)

    Additionally, we want the Plone Foundation to have a revenue stream.
    For example, we need to start exhibiting at conferences, to make sure
    we win "Best of Show", to make sure we're always considered the
    leaders.  We plan to do the solution provider directory in a way where
    companies that sponsor the foundation get a better listing, just like
    the Pages Jaunes.


0.2.7 - 05/12/2011

* Fix package

0.2.6 - 05/12/2011

* Plone 4 compat
  [zenwryly, limi]

* Package and release