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This product declares the key framework services for the Zope
Content Management Framework (CMF).


Products.CMFCore Changelog

2.2.8 (2014-10-15)

- support unset portal_skins request variables in HTTP headers

2.2.7 (2012-08-30)

- Added dependency on

- Removed testing dependency on

- Deprecated aliases were replaced on tests.

- Add GenericSetup export/import support for type information action

2.2.6 (2012-04-15)

- Avoid a shallow dependency on `Products.ZReST`. (Merged [122078])

- DirectoryView: Improved debug mode speed on NTFS partitions.  The
  much faster non-Windows implementation is now used on Windows as
  well if non-FAT32 time stamps are detected. In rare cases that
  heuristic approach might fail to detected NTFS partitions.
  (Merged [120174])

2.2.5 (2011-11-01)

- Added two missing explicit InitializeClass calls.

2.2.4 (2011-04-02)

- Fix content exportimport when Title or Description are unicode.

2.2.3 (2010-10-31)

- Make the error raised when trying to rename an instance of ImmutableId
  indicate the id of the object.

- DateTime 2.12.5 does away with a special case representing
  DateTime values for midnight (00:00:00) without their time and
  time zone values. So DateTimes formerly rendered as
  ``2010/01/01`` in the UTC timezone now render as
  ``2010/01/01 00:00:00 UTC``. Several unit tests that relied on 
  the old-style representation had to be fixed.

- Get most tests working under Zope 2.13.0a2.

- Added dependency on the new ``Products.ZSQLMethods`` distribution and updated
  Zope2 requirement accordingly.

2.2.2 (2010-07-04)

- Backport test setup fixes for Zope 2.13 compatibility.

- Use the standard libraries doctest module.

- Updated setDefaultRoles to use the addPermission API if available.

- Updated test to work with zope.contenttype >= 3.4.3.

2.2.1 (2010-04-07)

- Actions and TypeInformation: Clear the compiled NNN_expr_object
  property when the NNN_expr property is cleared.

- Actions: Return None if 'link_target' is an empty string.
  This helps to avoid invalid empty 'target' attributes in HTML output.

2.2.0 (2010-01-04)

- Changed GenericSetup import handlers to fail silently if they
  are called in a context that does not contain the items they 

2.2.0-beta (2009-12-06)

- TypesTool: Made it an ordered container.
  This allows to control the order of the add actions.

- TypeInformation: Removed redundant 'content_icon' property.
  For backwards compatibility old settings containing 'content_icon' instead
  of 'icon_expr' are converted on import. CMFDefault provides the necessary
  upgrade steps for migrating existing sites.

- DynamicType: Added 'getIconURL' method.
  This replaces the now deprecated 'getIcon' method.

- TypeInformation: Added 'getIconExprObject' method.
  This replaces the now deprecated 'getIcon' method.

2.2.0-alpha (2009-11-13)

- Got rid of redundant icon related type info properties.

- PortalFolder: Ensure that pasting an object into a folder takes 
  workflow instance creation conditions into account.

- Made calls to reindexObjectSecurity in the membership tool conditional
  after the CMFCatalogAware refactoring.

- PortalFolder: Removed unused ICatalogAware and IWorkflowAware methods.

- CMFCatalogAware: Split up CMFCatalogAware mixin.
  CatalogAware, WorkflowAware and OpaqueItemManager are now separate mixins.

- Changed to directly load zope.traversing's ZCML instead of going
  via the Five traversing.zcml BBB shim.

- moved the