Author: UNIS (ENS Lyon)



Please read docs/OAIPaper.pdf to follow the initial goal of the project.

For system installation read docs/Debian-Ubuntu_Install.txt.

OAI Configuration

Create an Exist connector

In the Plone root create an object 'eXist Database Adapter'.

- Id : exist_2
- Title : Exist v2 prod
- eXist Version Number : 2.1
- eXist Server Name : IP or domain name but not nor localhost
- eXist Port : 8080
- Encoding : utf-8
- Username : guest
- Password : guest
- Path to XMLRPC Server : /exist/xmlrpc

Create an OAI Repository

In the Plone root create an object 'Exist Open Archive Repository'.

- Id : oaiPlanetterre
- Title : OAI Repository Planete Terre
- ExistDA : exist_2
- Root collection : /db/planetterre/metadata

Now you have to check the Namespaces configuration: lom, oai_dc.

Here, we need to have a DublinCore output from LOM files. To configure that you go
in 'Namespaces/oai_dc' and add an XLST filter to transform lom in DublinCore.
Filters are match the remote IP (user IP) to a specific XSL transformation.
In our case we want that all incoming IP use the same transformation.
Go in the 'XSL filters' tab and add:

- IP Mask : *
- XSL Filter : xsl/lom2dc.xsl
- No XSL filter associatied : No
- Active Filer : Yes

Create a collection set

In the Repository root go in 'setsStorage' and create an object 'Exist Open Archive Set'.
After the creation you have to configure many fields:

- Set name        : geologie
- Set spec        : ensdgesco:planetterre
- Set description : your team signature
- Set XPath :
  - generic filter                          : *
  - generic filter on Thokavi               : contains(*, 'Tho')
  - specific on some tags filter on Thokavi : contains(*:classification/*:taxonPath/*:source/*:string, 'Tho')
- Set publication date : $md//*:contribute[contains(*:role/*:value,"publisher")]/*:date/*:dateTime

Tesing OAI

The base root for testing is the OAI repository:'.

You can test following verbs:

- ?verb=ListSets
- ?verb=Identify
- ?verb=ListMetadataFormats
- ?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc
- ?verb=ListRecords&from=2010-01-01&metadataPrefix=lom&set=ensdgesco:planetterre
- ?verb=ListIdentifiers&metadataPrefix=lom&until=2009-01-01&set=ensdgesco:planetterre

Create an harvester

In the Plone root create an object 'Exist Open Archive Aggregator'.

Check for parameters:

- Id : a free id in the Plone root
- Default update : daily, weekly or monthly
- ExistDA Identifier : exist_2
- Root OAI collection aggregator : an existing path in your exist database where to store harvested collections ('/db/harvest').

After creation you have already 'Namespaces', 'Tokens' and 'setsStorage' in the folder. You need
to edit the default namespaces to fix some values.

In 'Namespaces' you have 'lom' and 'oai_dc'. Check the configuration.

Click on the button 'Add Exist Open Archives Harvester':

- Id        : unisciel
- Title     : unisciel
- Site Host :
- Site url  : /oaiUnisciel
- OAI Set   : ensdgesco:CSP

Other fields are optionnal, you can submit.

Go in your new harvest collection and choose the 'Update' tab. You should see a list of sets available on the server.
Click on the button 'Harvest now' to test your configuration.


1.7.1    2013-07-09

- Improve documention for instanciation of OAI repository and OAI harvester.

- Improve documention for installation on Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Raring.

- Fix default main namespace declaration.

- Again some tab and indentation fixes.

1.7.0    2013-07-08

- Add a configuration option to get publication date in Sets.

1.6.3    2013-05-14

- Fix the manifest file

1.6.2    2013-05-06

- Add missing file

1.6.1    2013-05-06

- Fix author email