Author: Peter A. Bigot


        PyXB is a pure `Python <>`_ package that generates
        Python code for classes that correspond to data structures defined by
        `XMLSchema <>`_.  In concept it is similar to
        `JAXB <>`_ for Java and `CodeSynthesis XSD
        <>`_ for C++.
        The major goals of PyXB are:
        * Provide a generated Python interface that is "Pythonic", meaning similar
          to one that would have been hand-written:
          + Attributes and elements are Python properties, with name conflicts
            resolved in favor of elements
          + Elements with maxOccurs larger than 1 are stored as Python lists
          + Bindings for type extensions inherit from the binding for the base type
          + Enumeration constraints are exposed as class (constant) variables
        * Support bi-directional conversion (document to Python and back)
        * Allow easy customization of the generated bindings to provide
          functionality along with content
        * Support all XMLSchema features that are in common use, including:
          + complex content models (nested all/choice/sequence)
          + cross-namespace dependencies
          + include and import directives
          + constraints on simple types