HomePage: https://github.com/4teamwork/ftw.book

Author: Jonas Baumann

Download: https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/f/ftw.book/ftw.book-2.2.20.zip


This package provides content types for creating a book which can be exported as PDF.

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   :target: http://onegov.ch/community/zertifizierte-module/ftw.book

   Certified: 01/2013


- Provides a content type "Book" which defines the root of a book.
- Provides a content type "Chapter" for creating the structure of a book. Chapters are nestable.
- Content is added to chapters using simplelayout blocks.
- Provides an action for exporting the book or a single chapter recursively as PDF.
- Provides LaTeX representations for the default simplelayout blocks.
- Adds fields for injecting LaTeX code to every content type within a book using schemaextender.
- Provides a "Reader" view which displays the book on one page for a enjoyable reading experience.
- Provides simplalayout "Table" block for enter tabular data using a datagrid widget which generates
  HTML table representation which also convertable into a PDF.


- Add ``ftw.book`` to your buildout configuration:


    eggs +=

- Install the generic import profile.

- Install a LaTeX distribution, see `ftw.pdfgenerator`_  install instructions.


Runs with `Plone <http://www.plone.org/>`_ `4.1`, `4.2` or `4.3`.

Development / tests

For running the full PDF generation tests `ImageMagick`_ is required for diffing
the PDFs.


- Main github project repository: https://github.com/4teamwork/ftw.book
- Issue tracker: https://github.com/4teamwork/ftw.book/issues
- Package on pypi: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/ftw.book
- Continuous integration: https://jenkins.4teamwork.ch/search?q=ftw.book


This package is copyright by `4teamwork <http://www.4teamwork.ch/>`_.

``ftw.book`` is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.

.. _ftw.pdfgenerator: https://github.com/4teamwork/ftw.pdfgenerator
.. _ImageMagick: http://cactuslab.com/imagemagick/

.. image:: https://cruel-carlota.pagodabox.com/7b44b1a6f894bf7555c54e95144cc43d
   :alt: githalytics.com
   :target: http://githalytics.com/4teamwork/ftw.book


2.2.20 (2014-02-28)

- Fix invalid markup in TOC trees: move <ul>s into <li>s.

2.2.19 (2014-02-05)

- Update French and English translations.

- Fix page width bug when using landscape with enforced onecolumn layout.
  The layout needs to be applied before switching to landscape.

- Add new export / import icon for tables.

- Table CSV import: fix line breaking issues.
  Some Excel version (at least OSX) represent line breaks with only \r instead of
  \r\n, which caused import errors.

2.2.18 (2013-09-20)

- Implement Products.DataGridField 1.9 compatibility.
  (use label instead of title -> https://github.com/collective/Products.DataGridField/blob/1.9.0/Products/DataGridField/SelectColumn.py#L26)

- Table object: add "Warning" to manually created warning portal messages.

- Table object: fix default border layout to be included in the allowed border layouts.

2.2.17 (2013-09-11)

- Fix literal book titles for default sphinx layout.
  The title is taken literally and does not need to be converted to LaTeX.

2.2.16 (2013-08-26)

- Fix default layout schema extender to not extend in the factory.
  The values are not set correctly when in the factory.

- Move "Modify LaTeX Injection" permission to lawgiver action group
  "manage content settings", according to changes in ftw.lawgiver.

2.2.15 (2013-05-27)

- Table object: make table generation more robust by catching parsing errors.

- Table object: fix bad HTML standalone tags in table cells.

2.2.14 (2013-05-24)

- Allow HTML in table objects.
  This makes it possible to do things such as marking only one word in