HomePage: https://github.com/4teamwork/ftw.dashboard.dragndrop

Author: Mathias Leimgruber

Download: https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/f/ftw.dashboard.dragndrop/ftw.dashboard.dragndrop-1.5.3.zip


`ftw.dashboard.dragndrop` adds persistent dragndrop functionality to the standard plone dashboard.

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   Certified: 01/2013


- **Drag'n'drop**:
  All dashboard portlets can be moved with drag'n'drop from column to column and reordered in the column.
- **Folding**:
  Dashboard porlets are foldable.
- **Edit portlet icon**:
  Dashboard portlets have an icon on the top (pencil) for editing the portlet.
- **close/remove portlet**:
  Dashboard portlets have an icon on the top (cross) for removing the portlet from the dashboard.


- Add ``ftw.dashboard.dragndrop`` to your buildout configuration:


  eggs =

- Run buildout.

- Install ``ftw.dashboard.dragndrop`` in portal_setup.

- Configure the dashboard in the ``portal_properties`` tool (addablePortlets).


- **dashboardEditable**:
  True: The dashboard will always be editable, all functionalities are available
  False: The standard view (``@@dashboard``) will only provide the dragndrop and the fold functionality. Use the ``@@manage-dashbord`` view to customize your dashboard.

- **columnNumber**:
  Number of dashboard columns. There are only 4 portlet managers provided by plone. If you need more you need to register additional dashboard portlet managers.

- **addablePortlets**:
  Defines the addable portlets.
  You can use "portlet.Calendar" or "portlet.Calendar:Portlet Calendar". With the latter form you can change the title of the portlet.
  You ca also use "@@my-view:My custom view, which adds a portlet". If the first parts starts with "@@", the given view will be called.

- **showleftcolumn**:
  Displays the plone.leftcolumn

- **showrightcolumn**:
  Displays the plone.rightcolumn


- Package repository: https://github.com/4teamwork/ftw.dashboard.dragndrop
- Issue tracker: https://github.com/4teamwork/ftw.dashboard.dragndrop/issues
- Package on pypi: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/ftw.dashboard.dragndrop
- Continuous integration: https://jenkins.4teamwork.ch/search?q=ftw.dashboard.dragndrop


This package is copyright by `4teamwork <http://www.4teamwork.ch/>`_.

``ftw.dashboard.dragndrop`` is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.

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1.5.3 (2013-10-16)

- Use better CSS selectors.
  [Julian Infanger]

1.5.2 (2013-04-16)

- Remove unused disableSelection on column elements.
  [Julian Infanger]

- Fixed accessibility issues in dashboard overview.
  [Julian Infanger]

1.5.1 (2013-01-29)

- Fix browserlayer name.

- Security fixes.

1.5 (2013-01-25)

- Removed visualClear class from statusmessage on empty dashboard.
  [Julian Infanger]

- onegov.ch approved: add badge to readme.

- Update German translations.

- Do not use jq in javascript anymore.
  [Julian Infanger]

- Add function to reset the actions when the portlet reloads.
  [Julian Infanger]

- Added css for default plone.
  [Julian Infanger]

- Do not show actions bar at all when dashboard is not editable.
  Before it did show the bar but it contained no actions.

- Show a dialogbox to confirm if you want to delete a portlet.
  [Julian Infanger]

- Add missing browser layers to views.

- Move portal status messages in dashboard beneath add menu.
  This allows a consistent UI where the add menu is not moved around anymore.

1.4 (2012-10-16)

- Update dashboard column height when draging a portlet.
  [Julian Infanger]

- Use links and span tag with background-images for portletActions.
  Removed old portlet icons. Added styling for portlet