Author: Denis Bilenko



gevent_ is a coroutine-based Python networking library.

Features include:

* Fast event loop based on libev_.
* Lightweight execution units based on greenlet_.
* Familiar API that re-uses concepts from the Python standard library.
* Cooperative sockets with SSL support.
* DNS queries performed through c-ares_ or a threadpool.
* Ability to use standard library and 3rd party modules written for standard blocking sockets

gevent_ is `inspired by eventlet`_ but features more consistent API, simpler implementation and better performance. Read why others `use gevent`_ and check out the list of the `open source projects based on gevent`_.

gevent_ is written and maintained by `Denis Bilenko`_ and is licensed under MIT license.

get gevent

Install Python 2.5 or newer and greenlet_ extension.

Download the latest release from `Python Package Index`_ or clone `the repository`_.

Read the documentation online at

Post feedback and issues on the `bug tracker`_, `mailing list`_, blog_ and `twitter (@gevent)`_.

installing from github

To install the latest development version:

  pip install cython git+git://

running tests

  python build

  cd greentest

  PYTHONPATH=.. python --config ../

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